Why Puritane?

  • Skilfully designed and expertly created in the UK, Puritane e-cigarettes are developed by industry specialists to deliver a smooth taste tailored specifically to the British palette. It is a durable, reliable and quality product that is easy and comfortable to hold in hand and delivers a great taste every time. Here are just some of the great benefits of Puritane e-cigarettes:

    • Patented leading safety technology, which has undergone independent scientific testing for great performance
    • Pharmaceutical grade nicotine for a consistently fresh product, reliable nicotine delivery and smooth taste1
    • Long-lasting and high quality lithium battery guaranteeing one battery for life. Puritane rechargeable e-cigarettes can be charged up to 200 times2
    • Each Puritane e-cigarette delivers at least 350 puffs3

    The Puritane collection is available in a range of strengths and specially formulated flavours, guaranteeing a vaping experience tailored around you. Whether you’re with friends, or relaxing at home, with the expertise gained during more than 10 years research, are expertly crafted to provide you with a quality and enjoyable product.

    1 Each product comes with a sell-by-date so you can easily identify when your product is about to expire.

    2 Fully tested by expert engineers to ensure no exploding batteries or chargers. Order a new battery online if necessary.

    3 Equivalent to 35 regular filter cigarettes, puff count is validated using 3 second per puff regime, based upon 10 puffs per e-cigarette

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