How it works

Quality pharmaceutical grade nicotine provides a consistently fresh product. Puritane e-cigarettes contain a high-grade Li-Ion battery for longer performance. The soft-coated stainless steel makes it pleasant to hold.

When you inhale on your e-cigarette, nicotine liquid is drawn through the cartomiser where it is heated and turned into vapour. Using Puritane e-cigarettes couldn’t be easier and you are guaranteed to enjoy the great taste from a quality product.

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  • Recharging

    To recharge, simply screw it into the USB adaptor (included in your starter kit) then plug it into a USB supported device, the LED light will glow when the device is charging. When the light goes out, your e-cigarette is ready to use. A complete charge will take approximately two hours. When the e-cigarette needs recharging, the LED light on the tip will flash.

    Visit our FAQs page for more information on recharging.

  • Cartomisers

    The cartomiser is a dual device within the e-cigarette that holds the nicotine liquid and easily screws into the battery. It also contains an atomiser which is the heating element of the e-cigarette. This is what heats the nicotine liquid and turns it into the inhalable vapour.

    Cartomisers are now widely used across e-cigarette models, and provides the user with flexibility to choose from a range of strengths and flavours.

    Visit our FAQs page for more information on cartomisers.