Getting Started

3 Easy Steps

  • Rechargeable or Disposable

    Getting started couldn’t be easier with a choice between rechargeable or disposable devices. Simply choose your preferred option to begin your quality vaping experience.


  • Flavour

    Expertly developed to the UK palette with European pharmaceutical grade nicotine, our e-cigarettes are available in Original as well as Menthol flavours to provide you with a great smooth taste every time you vape.


  • Strength

    The Puritane range comes in a variety of strengths, so you can tailor your vaping experience to your preference. Without any impact on flavour, Puritane offers you the full range of strengths from high levels of nicotine down to zero, so you can decide the strength you want every time.


Step 1 Rechargeable or Disposable

  • For convenient, ready-to-use e-cigarettes, choose Puritane disposables, perfect for on-the-go moments or if you’ve forgotten your rechargeable. Each e-cigarette delivers approximately 350 puffs (equivalent to 35 regular filter e-cigarettes) and contains 16mg of pharmaceutical grade nicotine. Once finished, the Puritane disposable e-cigarette can be easily recycled.

  • For high quality e-cigarettes using advanced technology, choose Puritane rechargeable e-cigarettes. The powerful Li-Ion battery can be recharged up to 200 times providing a long-lasting and cost-effective vaping experience.

    For more information on how to charge your e-cigarette click here to visit our How It Works page.

Step 2 Flavour

  • The Puritane collection comes in both Original and Menthol* flavours. These are tailored to the individual tastes of UK customers. Using high quality ingredients, Puritane e-cigarettes provide specially formulated flavours, offering their unique smooth taste.

    *Menthol flavour is available in both rechargeable and disposable devices but in regular strength only.

Step 3 Strength

Puritane’s original flavour e-cigarettes come in a range of nicotine strengths ensuring you find a product suitable for you. Choose from Original Flavour Full Strength, Regular, Medium and Nicotine-Free.

All cartomisers are equivalent to 350 puffs (35 traditional cigarettes).

Rechargeable Starter Kits

Choose your Starter Kit

Our rechargeable Starter Kits are a great introduction to vaping with Puritane. They come with a powerful battery and specially designed USB charger, plus two original flavour cartomisers.

  • When you choose a Regular/Medium Starter Kit, mix and match with a free cartomiser in the strength of your choosing – a great way to test our range and find your favourite!

  • If you want to try an alternative option, then our Nicotine Free Starter Kits are perfect for you. Enjoy a nicotine free vaping experience with this quality product. Please note that the mix and match option is not available with this Starter Kit.

Add a free cartomiser to try different strengths

Our Starter Kits are also available in Nicotine Free strength and also come with a battery, USB charger and two original flavour cartomisers.

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