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Puritane E-Cigarettes | Customer Review | Andrew Cregan, 30, Manager

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Andrew Cregan, 30, Manager

It is odourless which is great if it is horrible weather outside, you don’t have to go out! My friend who also smokes an alternative e-cigarette tried it and he really liked the taste

Lindsey Morgan, 33, Director

I was really impressed with the quality of Puritane because the battery lasted a long time. I was expecting to have to charge it often, but it lasted much longer than I expected.

Paul Temple, 37, Manager

The flexibility of being able to recharge my e-cigarette or even change its strength means that in the evening, if I am out with friends enjoying myself and socialising, and want a slightly stronger e-cigarette, it delivers that for me

Elisa Ripon, 26, Producer

I tried the e-cigarette and was happily surprised by everything… it really is a great alternative

Jessica Feldman, 26, Manager

It was a really quality experience, it is really sturdy and heavy which really shows the quality of the product. I just find that I have more time for myself so I don’t need to excuse myself from social gatherings because I can use this indoors